Spooky Halloween marketing ideas for banks and savings banks

Halloween is once again at the door. The event, which was imported from the USA, offers banks and savings banks numerous opportunities to get in contact with and talk to the younger target group in particular. It is important to use these!

Banks and savings banks should use Halloween for unusual marketing campaigns.

Halloween was originally widespread in Catholic Ireland, where it was celebrated as the day before All Saints Day. Irish emigrants brought it to the USA, where the “pumpkin and ghost culture” known today has developed. From there it reached the end of the 90’s as happy-grueling cult to us and has since firmly established itself.

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Pumpkins stand in front of many windows, especially children, dressed in the evening dressed in house to house, with the now classic “Trick or Treat” (Give us sweets, otherwise there’s treats) to collect treats. But also teenagers and adults have found favor with Halloween, as evidenced by the numerous Halloween parties.

And last but not least, Halloween has gained economic importance: over 200 million euros are spent by the Germans every year for Halloween products. For example, 500,000 costumes are sold each year alone for the festival.

Use Halloween as a banking event

Festivals should be celebrated as they fall. Banks and savings banks should therefore use Halloween to get in contact with customers and non-customers. There are many possibilities, many of which have already been presented:

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Five new marketing ideas for banks and savings banks on Halloween

This year I present you five new ideas around Halloween.

  1. Organize a Halloween party : This can take place, for example, in your largest branch or, if you have a suitable location in your market area, authentic in a vaulted cellar or in a castle or in a castle. In the course of the party there are many possibilities of recognition for the participants, be it for the best dance couple, the most beautiful costume or the best make-up.
  2. Host a Halloween Photo Contest : Use your social media channels to reward the most beautiful Halloween costume or Halloween makeup. Suggestions can be submitted eg via Pinsbook or Eastagram and the evaluation can be made either via a jury or – via crowd voting – via your website. Of course, this also works with a video contest.
  3. Celebrate the best Halloween rhyme : work with a local newspaper and ask to submit your own creative Halloween rhymes to the readers.
  4. Find the Most Beautiful Halloween Pumpkin : Invite customers and non-clients to exhibit their favorite Halloween Pumpkin at your local store and ask your customers for a review.
  5. Celebrate Halloween on your website : Surely you know the Giggle Doodle ?! Hardly a day goes by without Giggle’s website pointing out a special event, anniversary or special personality. You can also add Halloween elements to your website on your website and maybe even add one or the other special Halloween offer. The whole thing should of course be integrated into your marketing plan.

Is your institute already doing special things on Halloween?

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