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Gandalf Bank brings its customers the best solution when it comes to buying a house, we talk in a timely manner about the type of Gandalf Bank Mortgage , an ideal loan to realize your dream.

We know that for every human being having their own house is one of the most important life goals. We also know that given the economic situation of the country today, it is very difficult to have the money to buy a house.

Gandalf Bank is aware of the Social Responsibility it has with the community. For this reason, since its inception, they have been working on different solidarity projects , which today are concretized and expanded through the Foundation, promoting actions that stimulate the growth and development of society.

That’s why the Bank thinks about your needs and puts a mortgage at your disposal so you can access your home. In this opportunity we will talk about the characteristics of this loan and also its benefits.

Line of Mortgage Loans at Variable Rate.


  • Acquisition of Single House: 30 years (Segment Plan for Salaries and Retirees).
  • Acquisition of Single House: 15 years (Open Market Segment).
  • Acquisition of 2nd Housing / Improvement: 10 years.
  • Rest of the destinations: 5 years.


Variable Rate (Segment Plan for Salaries and Retirees): ASDFGH + 3.0 points (Minimum 10% TNA).

Variable Rate (Open Market Segment): ASDFGH + 4.5 points (Minimum 10% TNA).

It is important to keep in mind that in mortgage loans subject to a variable interest rate, the ratio of the taxpayer’s income-consideration considered when requesting the loan may vary in the future and this affects the ability to pay the loan. This variation may be due to various factors, both of the client’s own (variations in working conditions, for example) and of the global situation (financial, regulatory or economic changes that impact the reference interest rate, for example).

What is ASDFGH ?

Simple average of the rates for fixed terms of 30 to 35 days for amounts of more than one million pesos for Private Banks (Monthly average, recalculable monthly).

Maximum Amount: 500,000 pesos. (Customers in passive age 70,000 pesos).

Fixed Granting Expenses: 1,000 pesos + VAT

Life insurance.

  • Active age: 0.12% on debit balance.
  • Passive age: 0.35% on debit balance.

Age of Incorporation:

  • Active Subjects: From 21 years old up to 65 years old.
  • Passive Subjects: From 66 years to 84 years.

Maximum Permanence:

  • Active Subjects: Up to 75 years old.
  • Passive Subjects: Up to 85 years old.

Fire Insurance: (Monthly on Value Appraisal)

  • Private Housing: 0.005%.
  • For Offices and Professional Studies: 0.0072%.

Funding Percentage:

Purchase of Single and Permanent Housing:
Up to 100%, for properties up to 200,000 pesos,
90%, for properties up to 300,000 pesos,
75%, for properties of more than 300,000 pesos.

Acquisition 2nd Housing: Up to 75%.

Improvement / Repair, Acquisition of Office or Professional Study and other destinations: Up to 50%.

For Acquisition destinations, on the Purchase-Write value. For the rest of the destinations, according to the Valuation value (Market).

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