Municipalities must lend money to low income home buyers

According to the Court, less common measures are needed to help middle income and low income in Amsterdam to a home. In this case, the Court is thinking of a loan that the municipality of Amsterdam should provide.

Housing market in Amsterdam in trouble

The Court of Audit notes that the municipality of Amsterdam is doing something about the problems in the housing market and is doing its utmost. But it is inadequate according to Jan de Ridder (the director of the Court). It does not bear fruit. He says that the situation on the Amsterdam housing market is not in balance.

Problems with low-income families

According to the Amsterdam Court of Audit, not only low-income families have problems finding a suitable home. The problems are much bigger. For one-parent families, large families and singles of 35 years or older, it is almost impossible to find a suitable home. For large families, many homes are too small and for singles or low-income families, housing is simply unaffordable. In Amsterdam, only 40% of the housing supply consists of dwellings with an area of ​​60 m³ or more. But about 80% of Amsterdammers are looking for a house of 60 m³. In addition, house prices have increased by almost 50% from the year 2014!

Amsterdam builds many new homes

In 2017, the municipality has already taken many thousands of new homes under construction. With that, it tries to get the pressure from the boiler. 80% of the houses are being built for social rental . The remaining part goes to the housing rental for middle incomes. According to Jan de Ridder, however, that is not enough. A lot more needs to be done for those who can not yet rent or buy a home. For example, Amsterdam itself should intervene in rental prices and provide a loan to those who do not find an affordable home. For example, the difference between the maximum mortgage amount and the purchase price of a house can still be bridged.

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