Opinions about Gandalf

Do you want to take out a loan at Gandalf? Check if this offer is beneficial for you. Based on the actual opinions of customers who used the Gandalf loan, we checked when the offer pays off and what are the strengths and weaknesses. Learn before you make the final decision!

When is the loan in Gandalf worth it?

The most attractive Gandalf offer is addressed to new customers of this company. They can borrow up to PLN 2000 for free, without any additional costs. It is enough that they have never used Fito services and will pay off their liabilities in a timely manner (maximum after 30 days). So if you need cash and you know that you will pay it back 100% after a month, then this offer is just right for you. Borrow PLN 2,000 for free – this opportunity is not often found.

A small amount for a short period – at the bank you can dream of such conditions. So if you need to borrow a small sum soon, Finito has an offer for you. It will be an excellent alternative for much more difficult to access, spread over a longer loan period and in the case of the first minute – more expensive bank loans.

Gandalf also offers its offer to older people – there is no upper age limit. Anyone who turned 21 may apply for a loan from this company. This means that even retirees and pensioners, seniors of the right age, who – although they have a permanent source of income – are often overlooked by banks and even by many non-bank companies, may receive a payday. Gandalf has cash for them, unless of course they meet the other conditions.

The advantages and disadvantages of a Gandalf loan

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the offer allows for an objective and reliable assessment of attractiveness and usability. Therefore, based on the experience of Gandalf borrowers, we have created a list of advantages and disadvantages of the loan in this company. Do you think that it can be expanded? Share your opinion in the comment – we will be happy to include it and expand our list of strengths and weaknesses in Gandalf.


  • first free loan,
  • a wide range of subsequent loans (up to PLN 5,000),
  • the possibility of extending the repayment date,
  • verification of identity is possible in two ways (by bank transfer and using the Instator app),
  • the company has several bank accounts, which speeds up the transfer of cash,
  • the ability to repay the loan ahead of schedule,
  • many promotions and attractive discounts.


  • short credit period (up to 30 days),
  • the need for a stable income,
  • verification in debtors’ databases and registers,
  • lower age limit (21 years),
  • high cost of subsequent loans.

Opinions about Gandalf – we give our voice to clients

Sowa Finansowa handles this part of the website to the customers of Gandalf. We try not to intervene in the content of comments you leave – we limit only the bending of the so-called hate, spam and excessive “Latin” 🙂 We are aware that the opinion of real Gandalf customers is very important to anyone who is considering a loan in this company. We count on your exuberance and honesty. Tell me what you think, what experiences you have and give good advice to others.

Share your opinion on Gandalf and write what you have experience with borrowing in this company. Many people are waiting for your opinion.

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