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Do you want to take out a loan at Gandalf? Check if this offer is beneficial for you. Based on the actual opinions of customers who used the Gandalf loan, we checked when the offer pays off and what are the strengths and weaknesses. Learn before you make the final decision!

When is the loan in Gandalf worth it?

The most attractive Gandalf offer is addressed to new customers of this company. They can borrow up to PLN 2000 for free, without any additional costs. It is enough that they have never used Fito services and will pay off their liabilities in a timely manner (maximum after 30 days). So if you need cash and you know that you will pay it back 100% after a month, then this offer is just right for you. Borrow PLN 2,000 for free – this opportunity is not often found.

A small amount for a short period – at the bank you can dream of such conditions. So if you need to borrow a small sum soon, Finito has an offer for you. It will be an excellent alternative for much more difficult to access, spread over a longer loan period and in the case of the first minute – more expensive bank loans.

Gandalf also offers its offer to older people – there is no upper age limit. Anyone who turned 21 may apply for a loan from this company. This means that even retirees and pensioners, seniors of the right age, who – although they have a permanent source of income – are often overlooked by banks and even by many non-bank companies, may receive a payday. Gandalf has cash for them, unless of course they meet the other conditions.

The advantages and disadvantages of a Gandalf loan

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the offer allows for an objective and reliable assessment of attractiveness and usability. Therefore, based on the experience of Gandalf borrowers, we have created a list of advantages and disadvantages of the loan in this company. Do you think that it can be expanded? Share your opinion in the comment – we will be happy to include it and expand our list of strengths and weaknesses in Gandalf.


  • first free loan,
  • a wide range of subsequent loans (up to PLN 5,000),
  • the possibility of extending the repayment date,
  • verification of identity is possible in two ways (by bank transfer and using the Instator app),
  • the company has several bank accounts, which speeds up the transfer of cash,
  • the ability to repay the loan ahead of schedule,
  • many promotions and attractive discounts.


  • short credit period (up to 30 days),
  • the need for a stable income,
  • verification in debtors’ databases and registers,
  • lower age limit (21 years),
  • high cost of subsequent loans.

Opinions about Gandalf – we give our voice to clients

Sowa Finansowa handles this part of the website to the customers of Gandalf. We try not to intervene in the content of comments you leave – we limit only the bending of the so-called hate, spam and excessive “Latin” 🙂 We are aware that the opinion of real Gandalf customers is very important to anyone who is considering a loan in this company. We count on your exuberance and honesty. Tell me what you think, what experiences you have and give good advice to others.

Share your opinion on Gandalf and write what you have experience with borrowing in this company. Many people are waiting for your opinion.

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Income statement charging unemployment, We explain it to you Tue, 05 Feb 2019 12:31:19 +0000 Continue reading "Income statement charging unemployment, We explain it to you"


In this article Gandalf will help us to know if we have an obligation to carry out the income statement if we are unemployed and receive income from the rental of some real estate.

Yes you have to make an income statement if you receive income from a rental

In the vast majority of cases we will be forced to make the declaration of income. In fact, if the amount of money exceeds 1,000 euros per year, we must carry it out. We must bear in mind that the unemployment benefit is considered by the Treasury as income from work.

How do I have to declare this income?

At the time you make the income statement, you must reflect them in the section “real estate returns” .

It seems logical that it is necessary to declare this type of profit, since the IRPF, tax on the income of natural persons, taxes precisely the income received during a fiscal year (one year).

Although we are used to almost automatically identify income with salary, because it represents the main source of income for almost all Spanish households, there are other types of income that must be declared, such as rents .

Did you not know this payment obligation?

In case you have to pay the taxes of the income statement of income from a rental and you have caught unforeseen, you can request a quick loan to Gandalf, pay taxes and return the amount of the microloan the following month when you have entered the payroll in your checking account.

From Gandalf we strongly recommend that you comply with your tax payment obligations set out in the current legislation.

How much will I have to pay in the statement?

It depends on the level of income you receive for rent. You should bear in mind that there can be situations of the most varied, from a senior executive who loses his job and receives an income of 10,000 euros per month in rental housing, to a person who loses his usual job and receives an income of 150 € per month, fruit of one of the considered “old rent rentals”.

In any case, the IRPF is a progressive tax, designed so that those with higher income levels pay more.

The sections of the income tax on individuals are the following:

From € 0 to € 12,450 => 19%

From € 12,451 to € 20,200 => 24%

From € 20,201 to € 35,200 => 30%

From € 35,201 to € 60,000 => 37%

More than € 60,001 => 45%

You must understand how it works, if for example your annual income is € 12,000, you will have to pay 19% of that amount in taxes. On the other hand, if your income is € 22,000, the form of taxation is the following: you will have to pay 19% of the 12,450 first euros, 24% for the next 7750 € and 30% for the remaining € 1,800.

It is common for many people to misinterpret the functioning of the progressive tax system. The most frequent mistake is to consider that € 22,000 would be taxed at 30%, when in reality it is not so

Has this article about the income tax return been useful when you are unemployed? If the answer is affirmative, do not forget to share it on social networks.

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Mortgage on the house Tue, 05 Feb 2019 12:31:14 +0000 Continue reading "Mortgage on the house"

  1. When taking out a mortgage, a so-called land charge is set .
  2. The rights to a house , apartment or land are assigned to the bank . In return, the person receives a loan. The mortgage represents a hedge for the loan .
  3. However, many banks prefer the more flexible land charge for mortgage lending.

What is a mortgage?

Financing Home Ownership: When you take out a mortgage, it serves as collateral.

What does it mean when people take out a mortgage? This is a so-called land charge, which is particularly important in the financing of real estate . A person assigns the rights to an object to a bank . In return, the borrower receives a loan for home or apartment purchase .

If it comes to defaults on the loan, the bank can then forcibly auction the property . From the proceeds, the outstanding claims are settled. If people take out a mortgage, this is notarized and registered in the land register .

The legal basis can be found in § 1113 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code (BGB):

A property may be encumbered in such a way that to those in favor of which the charge is made, a certain sum of money is to be paid out of the property for the satisfaction of a claim to which it is entitled (mortgage).

For the loan you have to pay a certain fee to the building society or the bank – these are the mortgage rates . Their amount is mainly based on the European interest rate . However, depending on the bank, duration and other factors, the amount may vary. So it’s a good idea to make a mortgage rate comparison before you go – so you can save money on the loan. What is the best way for you to get out of debt? Check your options for free now! Online debt analysis →

Mortgage vs. Land charge – where are the differences?

The fact that people take out a mortgage is just one way to hedge a loan . There is also the option to take a mortgage . In contrast to the mortgage, this is not dependent on the claim or not limited to the loan. Even after the loan has been paid off, the mortgage remains .

Taking a mortgage with old age – this can be a good way to lower the cost of living . For persons who have high cash assets, for example after the payment of a capital life insurance policy, but still live in a rented apartment, the current low-interest phase represents an opportunity. If the saved assets are invested in a property and the remainder is invested in the bank through a mortgage loan funded, the monthly financial burden may decline.

Mortgage record: What requirements must be met?

If you want to take out a mortgage on a house, you have to meet certain requirements. This usually includes a permanent position, a regular monthly income and sufficient equity . Furthermore, banks demand a good credit rating – also called creditworthiness.

Many people wonder if they can take out a mortgage despite negative SCHUFA information . As already mentioned, the bank checks the creditworthiness of the applicant before granting credit for a property. With only slight negative features , a solid income situation and additional collateral , many banks often still have the opportunity to finance a property.

What are the costs of taking a mortgage on a house?

You can also take a mortgage on the house of the parents.

If you take out a mortgage , this will cost you a certain amount of money . These include the following items:

  • interest
  • Commitment interest
  • Notary fees (authentication and certification)
  • Cost of entry in the land register
  • Costs for the valuation of the property
  • Discount (deduction from the starting amount)
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Bonus mortgages: a candy that can make us bitter Tue, 05 Feb 2019 12:31:09 +0000 Continue reading "Bonus mortgages: a candy that can make us bitter"


Bonded mortgages are used by banks and savings banks to build customer loyalty . These mortgage loans offer a discount on the interest rate in exchange for the client linking with the entity contracting a series of products, such as insurance, pension plans, cards or simply directing the payroll and basic household receipts.

We must make numbers and know in advance the real cost of the products added to the mortgage As Fotocasa explains, for each of the products that we hire we get a reduction of the differential over the reference index in a certain percentage. But this series of products considerably raise the cost of the mortgage. On the one hand we subtract, but on the other we add.

So we must do numbers and assess what compensates us more , if we hire a mortgage with a slightly higher interest rate or opt for a mortgage loan that nevertheless increases the final cost of the mortgage.

One way to decide is to know in advance the real cost of the products that should be linked. In many cases, a housing loan with a high interest rate may be cheaper than another with the lowest interest rate but which requires the hiring of certain products.

Insurance, many insurance

Insurance is, as a rule, the most expensive the final cost of the loan while domiciling the payroll and receipts as soon as they represent an expense , provided that the account where we domicile does not have commissions. The basic list is as follows:

  • Life insurance
    It is the most expensive. It covers the risk of death of the loan holder. That is, if he dies, it is the insurer that is in charge of canceling the outstanding capital. Its cost is usually between 300 and 800 euros per year. Thus, for a mortgage of 120,000 euros with a term of 20 years, it means an additional outlay of between 6,000 and 16,000 euros more to add to the final cost of the loan.
  • Multi-risk or home insurance
    It covers not only the continent (the house) but also the content (furniture, appliances, etc …). It usually has an annual cost that can range between 200 and 400 euros, that is, between 4,000 and 12,000 euros more than adding to the final cost of the mortgage.
  • Payment protection insurance
    This guarantees the payment of a series of fees determined in advance in case of loss of income, it also has a high premium that is usually between 1 and 1.5% of the capital loaned. It is usually paid at one time when the mortgage is constituted, adding the amount of insurance to the borrowed capital.
  • Cards
    Although they do not usually represent important expenses, the bank can demand a minimum expenditure per year with them. Some subsidized mortgages offer discounts also for hiring a pension plan that also usually require minimum annual contributions.

Let’s do numbers to know what makes up for us more. However, if we hire a subsidized mortgage, we can always cancel any of the products associated with the loan after the first annuity. But in that case, we must know that for each product we suppress the interest rate will rise in the next revision of the monthly fee.

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Bank Mortgage Tue, 05 Feb 2019 12:16:22 +0000 Continue reading "Bank Mortgage"


Gandalf Bank brings its customers the best solution when it comes to buying a house, we talk in a timely manner about the type of Gandalf Bank Mortgage , an ideal loan to realize your dream.

We know that for every human being having their own house is one of the most important life goals. We also know that given the economic situation of the country today, it is very difficult to have the money to buy a house.

Gandalf Bank is aware of the Social Responsibility it has with the community. For this reason, since its inception, they have been working on different solidarity projects , which today are concretized and expanded through the Foundation, promoting actions that stimulate the growth and development of society.

That’s why the Bank thinks about your needs and puts a mortgage at your disposal so you can access your home. In this opportunity we will talk about the characteristics of this loan and also its benefits.

Line of Mortgage Loans at Variable Rate.


  • Acquisition of Single House: 30 years (Segment Plan for Salaries and Retirees).
  • Acquisition of Single House: 15 years (Open Market Segment).
  • Acquisition of 2nd Housing / Improvement: 10 years.
  • Rest of the destinations: 5 years.


Variable Rate (Segment Plan for Salaries and Retirees): ASDFGH + 3.0 points (Minimum 10% TNA).

Variable Rate (Open Market Segment): ASDFGH + 4.5 points (Minimum 10% TNA).

It is important to keep in mind that in mortgage loans subject to a variable interest rate, the ratio of the taxpayer’s income-consideration considered when requesting the loan may vary in the future and this affects the ability to pay the loan. This variation may be due to various factors, both of the client’s own (variations in working conditions, for example) and of the global situation (financial, regulatory or economic changes that impact the reference interest rate, for example).

What is ASDFGH ?

Simple average of the rates for fixed terms of 30 to 35 days for amounts of more than one million pesos for Private Banks (Monthly average, recalculable monthly).

Maximum Amount: 500,000 pesos. (Customers in passive age 70,000 pesos).

Fixed Granting Expenses: 1,000 pesos + VAT

Life insurance.

  • Active age: 0.12% on debit balance.
  • Passive age: 0.35% on debit balance.

Age of Incorporation:

  • Active Subjects: From 21 years old up to 65 years old.
  • Passive Subjects: From 66 years to 84 years.

Maximum Permanence:

  • Active Subjects: Up to 75 years old.
  • Passive Subjects: Up to 85 years old.

Fire Insurance: (Monthly on Value Appraisal)

  • Private Housing: 0.005%.
  • For Offices and Professional Studies: 0.0072%.

Funding Percentage:

Purchase of Single and Permanent Housing:
Up to 100%, for properties up to 200,000 pesos,
90%, for properties up to 300,000 pesos,
75%, for properties of more than 300,000 pesos.

Acquisition 2nd Housing: Up to 75%.

Improvement / Repair, Acquisition of Office or Professional Study and other destinations: Up to 50%.

For Acquisition destinations, on the Purchase-Write value. For the rest of the destinations, according to the Valuation value (Market).

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Borrow money to a cooperative housing outside the bank right here Tue, 05 Feb 2019 12:16:04 +0000 Continue reading "Borrow money to a cooperative housing outside the bank right here"


It has become popular today to buy a cooperative. This is because this housing type has several advantages. One of the benefits is that cooperative housing constitutes a generally lower price level compared to owner-occupied housing. It is an advantage for homeowners. However, buying a cooperative can still be a great investment. It is far from anyone who has that kind of money available in the account. In these cases, it may be obvious to borrow money for a cooperative. At Gandalf we are ready to help you when you need to borrow money for a cooperative. Using our comparison tool you will find the best loan easily and quickly. What is most appropriate for you and your needs.

The difference between the co-operative and the condominium

When buying a cooperative, you pay, as with owner-occupied flats, a lump sum for the purchase of the home. This means that a cooperative housing must be paid in cash. However, a co-operative differs in particular from a condominium, which is, for example, illustrated by the fact that a cooperative is buying into a cooperative housing association. By this you buy a share in the association, and you thus pay the amount that corresponds to one’s share of the association. In addition, this proportion is also liable for both the association’s assets and debt. It is therefore important that you examine the economy of the association before you choose to borrow money for a cooperative.

One step closer to the home dream

Buying a share in an association in this way can have many benefits, and the considerably lower price for cooperative housing makes it attractive for many. It can thus be an advantage for young people who are entering the housing market, to borrow money for a housing cooperative. Moreover, it can also be an advantage for older people who want to change the owner-occupied property with this cheaper form of housing. The fact that loan money for a cooperative housing can thus be a solution in many cases. You can borrow money for a cohabitation home easily and easily from our many loan providers who are pleasantly ready to help you one step closer to the home dream. By using our loan calculator you can quickly find the loan that suits you best.

Sit down by lending money to a cooperative

The prices of cooperative housing vary greatly from property to property, and it also depends on where in the country you want to settle. With our vast array of loan providers, you can quickly find a loan provider that will grant you the amount you need when you are borrowing money for a cooperative. All you have to do is simply examine the finances of the cooperative. Here you must, among other things, have statutes, annual accounts and budget in mind. Once you find the co-operative that guarantees you the best possible security, simply throw an application with the loan provider you find most appropriate when you are borrowing money for a co-operative. It only takes a moment and you will receive the money in your account shortly. Loan money easy, cheap and fast now and here.

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Postal loan Tue, 05 Feb 2019 12:16:03 +0000 Continue reading "Postal loan"


The postal loan is a banking product that provides Commercial Bank, as under the Eva brand. This connection with the Gandalf Post creates a wide range of possibilities in terms of obtaining and accessing a favorable loan.

No unnecessary charges

The postal loan will save you from all sorts of extra payments. You can freely refund your money within 30 days, reduce and increase your monthly installments or pay those extraordinary. Loan account maintenance is also free of charge . You can combine these features with minimal administrative requirements .

Loan up to CZK 800,000 without collateral

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to repay a loan that can be decommissioned for 8 years. You decide on the size of your monthly installments and you do not have to worry about paying them. They will be automatically withdrawn from your current account. The postal loan is a promise of low interest rates and the possibility of negotiating a practical insurance coverage.

Payout table

  20 000 CZK 12 months 1 767 Kč 10.9% 11.5% 21,204
  50 000 CZK 24 months 2 329 Kč 10.9% 11.5% 55 896 Kč
  100 000 CZK 36 months 3 130 CZK 7.9% 8.2% 112 680 CZK
  250 000 CZK 48 months 6 092 Kč 7.9% 8.2% CZK 292,416
  500 000 CZK 60 months 10 115 CZK 7.9% 8.2% 606 900 CZK
  800 000 CZK 96 months 11 269 Kč 7.9% 8.2% 1 081 824 CZK

Loan amount: CZK 20,000 Repayment time: 12 months Fee: 1 767 CZK Interest *: 10.9% RPSN *: 11.5% Total *: 21,204 I am interested in Loan amount: 50 000 CZK Repayment time: 24 months Charge: 2 329 CZK Interest *: 10.9% RPSN *: 11.5% Total *: 55 896 CZK I am interested in Loan amount: 100 000 CZK Repayment time: 36 months Fee: 3 130 CZK Interest *: 7.9% RPSN *: 8.2% Total *: 112 680 CZK I am interested in Loan amount: 250 000 CZK Repayment time: 48 months Charge: 6 092 CZK Interest *: 7.9% RPSN *: 8.2% Total *: CZK 292,416 I am interested in Loan amount: 500 000 CZK Repayment time: 60 months Charge: 10,115 CZK Interest *: 7.9% RPSN *: 8.2% Total *: 606 900 CZK I am interested in Loan amount: 800 000 CZK Repayment time: 96 months Fee: 11 269 CZK Interest *: 7.9% RPSN *: 8.2% Total *: 1 081 824 CZK I am interested in

A CZK 100,000 postal loan with a maturity of 5 years will be linked to an interest rate of 7.9% and an APR of 8.2%. In this case, you will receive monthly installments of CZK 2,023. You will pay a total of 121 380 CZK.

frequent questions

What is needed to settle Postal Loans? You must submit two identity papers and regular receipt confirmations. How much money can I borrow? In the case of interest, a cash amount of up to CZK 800,000 can be obtained without the possibility of transfer to a bank account. Are there any fees associated with borrowing? Except interest rates none. For example, you do not pay for a loan, its management, extraordinary repayments or early repayment, including changes in the amount of repayments and postponement of the due date. Loan Amount 20 000 – 800 000 CZK Maturity 12 – 96 months Interest from 7.9% RPSN from 8.2%

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Municipalities must lend money to low income home buyers Tue, 05 Feb 2019 12:15:53 +0000 Continue reading "Municipalities must lend money to low income home buyers"


According to the Court, less common measures are needed to help middle income and low income in Amsterdam to a home. In this case, the Court is thinking of a loan that the municipality of Amsterdam should provide.

Housing market in Amsterdam in trouble

The Court of Audit notes that the municipality of Amsterdam is doing something about the problems in the housing market and is doing its utmost. But it is inadequate according to Jan de Ridder (the director of the Court). It does not bear fruit. He says that the situation on the Amsterdam housing market is not in balance.

Problems with low-income families

According to the Amsterdam Court of Audit, not only low-income families have problems finding a suitable home. The problems are much bigger. For one-parent families, large families and singles of 35 years or older, it is almost impossible to find a suitable home. For large families, many homes are too small and for singles or low-income families, housing is simply unaffordable. In Amsterdam, only 40% of the housing supply consists of dwellings with an area of ​​60 m³ or more. But about 80% of Amsterdammers are looking for a house of 60 m³. In addition, house prices have increased by almost 50% from the year 2014!

Amsterdam builds many new homes

In 2017, the municipality has already taken many thousands of new homes under construction. With that, it tries to get the pressure from the boiler. 80% of the houses are being built for social rental . The remaining part goes to the housing rental for middle incomes. According to Jan de Ridder, however, that is not enough. A lot more needs to be done for those who can not yet rent or buy a home. For example, Amsterdam itself should intervene in rental prices and provide a loan to those who do not find an affordable home. For example, the difference between the maximum mortgage amount and the purchase price of a house can still be bridged.

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In which countries there is no old-age pension, what alternatives exist Tue, 05 Feb 2019 12:15:46 +0000 Continue reading "In which countries there is no old-age pension, what alternatives exist"


Many Russian pensioners are unhappy with their retirement benefits, a similar trend can be traced in most of the CIS countries. But it will be useful for them to learn that there are quite a few countries in the world where pensions are not provided at all.

In which countries of the world there are no pensions

The trend of the modern world has become almost universal raising the retirement age. This is relevant both for the countries of the European Union and for the countries of the CIS. The increase in life expectancy and the growing number of retirees every year create a tremendous burden on the pension authorities, which forces the governments of these countries to revise the retirement age towards its increase.

But there are quite a few countries in the world where there are practically no pensions. Let’s call the top 10 of them. Some countries on this list seem to be economically developed, but after the retirement’s work journey, they are faced with poverty and oblivion.


Probably, this country in the list will most surprise uninitiated readers. The Chinese economy is considered the second in the world, but at the same time, the authorities of the Middle Kingdom are extremely negligent in the sphere of social support of the population. Far from all Chinese who have completed their career have the right to receive a pension. Only former employees of government bodies, employees of large state-owned industrial enterprises located in large years, and former siloviki will receive a pension.

In China, there is a selective approach to the payment of pensions, the government has embarked on urbanization and today more than 45% of the country’s population lives in large localities. Therefore, the urban population still has some prospects for receiving pensions, but residents of Chinese villages do not have them at all.

The average pension in China is only $ 15. Although life in China is cheap, but this is clearly not enough. Therefore, at the state level, the duty of screening elderly relatives lies with the younger generation of Chinese citizens. At the same time, Chinese pensioners have huge social benefits. They practically do not pay for a communal flat, they travel free of charge in public transport, receive significant discounts at grocery stores, clothing and household appliances.


In Pakistan, only civil servants can expect to receive a pension. The rest of the population is not familiar with pensions at all, since they never existed in Pakistan. The pension of a former civil servant is a maximum of $ 150. A one-time payment of the entire pension benefit for 10 years at a time is allowed, which the majority of Pakistani pensioners enjoy.


In India, only former government employees can receive a pension. The overwhelming majority of the population is completely deprived of pensions. Care of the older generation is assigned to public foundations and religious organizations of the country. The main burden of supporting old people lies with the younger generation of numerous Indian families.


Only Iraqi civil servants and former oil and gas workers are eligible for a pension. In Iraq, 60 people of both sexes retire. The average pension here is 120 dollars. Families in Iraq are numerous, so it is assumed that the country’s traditions oblige the younger generation of Iraqis to care for their elders.


The Kingdom of Thailand also saves on its retirees. Only those who in one way or another served the state can get a pension in it. But they get from 400 to 500 dollars. The rest of the population cannot apply for retirement. Government employees retire in Thailand at the age of 55 with 15 years of experience.


Despite the immigration program for foreign retirees, the Philippines does not pay pensions at all to its citizens who have retired. Retirement can receive except that the leading employees of the state apparatus of the country. But for local pensioners, there is a system of benefits, which in some way resembles the Chinese.

I happened to be and work in Tanzania. This large and densely populated (by African standards) country does not even know what pensions are. Distantly pension-like benefits are received by the military and police, as well as some government employees. They are given out after leaving their job by age a plot of land and a state interest-free loan for building a house. Tanzanians say that this is how all the suburbs of the million-strong Dar es Salaam (the capital of Tanzania) were built. The profitability of such activities is high. Given the free land and the loan received from the state, local retirees invest in building a house (given the cheap labor) 10 thousand dollars, and sell it already for 30-40 thousand. But most Tanzanians work in old age.


This African country does not know what pensions are. They have never been born there, so the Nigerian old people have to rely only on their strength and the support of the children. There are no benefits for the older generation.


This is the only Latin American country where a priori pensions are not provided. The government that has recently come to power promises to develop and introduce a pension system.


In Vietnam there are pensions, but they are paid only to those who worked for the state. Yesterday’s civil servant’s average pension is $ 30–40. The rest of the elderly should rely on the younger generation.

As we see, not all countries can provide old age. And not all states that do not pay old-age pensions can be considered economically backward.

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The new legislation does not allow the survival of dubious lenders. However, the positive effects of regulation are yet to come Tue, 05 Feb 2019 11:58:59 +0000 Continue reading "The new legislation does not allow the survival of dubious lenders. However, the positive effects of regulation are yet to come"


The new Consumer Credit Act cleansed the credit companies market. The consumer would no longer have to come across a dubious “garage” because lenders have to meet the stricter criteria. However, the licensing procedure will run until the middle of next year, so it is not excluded that some still active companies will leave the market. In addition, specialists in credit have to pass a test of professional competence.

Benefits of the new law

From March 1, all companies providing or arranging loans must have a license from the Mary Poppins. This follows from the new Consumer Credit Act No. 257/2016 Coll . This, in addition to consumer empowerment measures, has also introduced stricter criteria for both providers and consumer credit intermediaries. “New market legislation has filtered out various” garages “and other dubious entities that have moved here. Loans can not be provided by almost everyone, which we definitely welcome, “says Robin Stránský, marketing manager of the Czech company Mary Poppins, which is a provider of fast and secure consumer credit. According to him, the current market setting is an opportunity for the development of all healthy and reputable companies that intend to provide quality and fair services . “Fulfilling demanding conditions is binding for us, and at the same time forces us to take care of an ever-increasing level of service. We are inevitably growing constantly. The company structure and teams of our specialists are expanding, ” adds Robin Stránský.

The benefits of the changes do not happen immediately

However, the benefits of legislative changes in the field of consumer credit will not come from day to day. The licensing procedure is currently underway and the Czech National Bank has been running a 15-month decision-making deadline from March 1 . “It can not be ruled out that they have applied for the license, so money is also borrowed by companies whose business model is against the client’s interests,” says Robin Stránský. Another aspect of the change in the law, whose effects are yet to be demonstrated, is also the demonstration of expertise. “We are currently preparing all our specialists to pass a test of professional competence, the content of which is determined by theMary Poppins. By the end of November 2018, all credit specialists must pass the test , ” adds Robin Stránský.

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